Thursday, May 31, 2012

URI Learning Landscape

On Wednesday the children went to URI for their third grade field trip. They learned about different mammals, ways of protecting and keeping our water clean, how to plant seeds, composting with red wiggler worms, and different types of area insects. A special thanks to Mrs. Golden and Mrs. Goldstein who were our class chaperones.
Later in the day the children had an opportunity to play freely on Wicklund Field. Thank you to Mrs. Penhallow for organizing this activity and thank you the parents who came to supervise. It was a wonderful day for everyone!

Hatching Chicks

For the last month the children have been learning about hatching baby chicks. They have learned all about the parts of the egg and how they play an important role in the life of a developing chick. After twenty-one days the chicks hatched and the students learned how to care for newborn chicks. The class even named a few of the chicks......Oreo, Camouflage, and Starship. After two weeks it was time for the chicks to find a new home. Our class will be a little quieter now that the peeping is gone!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Structures and Behaviors of the Bess Beetle

Can a bess beetle pull its own weight? Students investigated this question and found out they could not only pull their own weight, but even more.

Looking at Structures and their Functions

Students have been looking closely at crayfish and their structures. They are making connections by observing crayfish behaviors. Crayfish have body structures that serve a function for their survival in their habitats. Watch out for their front pincers!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tis the Season to Build a Village

The children created many unique and creative gingerbread houses this week. They constructed many different homes from the variety of ingredients donated by parents. When they completed their homes they arranged them on a small community map according to their coordinates. Thank you to all the parents for the many donations and a special thanks to Mrs. Aiello, Mrs. O'Leary, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Goldstein, Mr. Valdavia, Mrs. Elefante and Mr. Joss for volunteering their time!

The Power of Water

Students ended the Water Unit by making water wheels. They learned how flowing water could be used to help move a load. The demonstrations were a lot of fun even though they sometimes got a little wet!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Extravaganza!

Students had a wonderful time estimating the weight, circumference, and seeds of pumpkins. After completing and recording their measurements, students counted pumpkin seeds and designed their pumpkin for carving. Thank you to our terrific volunteers, Ms. Dove, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Major and Mrs. Vananse who helped carve and supervise this activity. We could not have done it without you! Pumpkins were donated to Charlestown School's Pumpkin Glow Night.